Colors on booking form

On booking forms, I need to be able to draw attention to certain text/descriptions. How can I change:

  1. Text color
  2. Background color

I don’t see anything about this on Stylize your booking page and emails - YouCanBookMe Support and it appears that YCBM dropped support for custom CSS.

@LeroySchulz we have plans to allow a background image for the entire booking page, not just the form.

I will raise this with the team about the option to add colored text on the booking form. There is an option in the interim with Markdown to add ## or ### to increase the text size to bring emphasis. Or you could add a block quote with:

># **Some info**
># **more**

Hi Ben, changing the size of text is not the same as changing colors – and neither is specifying a background image for the entire booking page.

I would hope that YCBM has a goal to give users the ability to present information on booking pages how we see fit with colors, boxes, backgrounds, font sizes, layouts, and the like.