Customer data storage


I am currently trying to check-in for a meeting with somebody using your technology.

I must admit it works quite well and that the experience is good.

After some research on your website I was not able to find any notice related to the data you collect from my appointment action : the person, day and time I will meet and my name, phone number, address and e-mail address eventually more like my IP address and some information about the said meeting.

So my question is the following : what do you do with all that data, how long do you keep it and how could I ask you to delete it ?

Thank you a lot for your answer.

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When you submit a booking form, the person you book with becomes the data controller. They have all of your data. While your IP is recorded for timezone detection it is not shared with the calendar owner. By default we keep data on our system for 24 months, but each account can adjust their data retention time frame. To have your information deleted you will need to reach out to each person you booked with. They can then delete your booking data:

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Thanks a lot for your quick answer.