Delete images in gallery

I’ve uploaded several images to the YCBM gallery, and the ones I’m not using are being indexed and are shown on Google. I want to delete these old and inactive images from my YCBM gallery to prevent this. How do I do so? Thanks!

@rose there isn’t a way to delete the images. You can however stop search engines from indexing your booking page and assets under your account:

That’s terrible. Also, no, I don’t have the option to hide my booking pages from search engine results. Looked everywhere. Not via the link you provided, either. Curious: how is hiding my booking page going to solve the problem that all images we upload are public?

I have made the change to remove things from search engines. I am talking with the development team on what other options we might have. We could potentially delete older images for you as well. Until we have an in app option.