Error: Cannot Purchase SMS Credits

I recently joined YCBM specifically so I could send SMS reminders. After setting everything up and purchasing a subscription I am unable to purchase SMS credits. Each time it gives me a red error box saying that SMS credits are unavailable for purchase and to contact support. Support has not responded in over two days. I’ve also tried multiple cards. I need to run an experiment soon and this feature is important to sending out reminders. Anyone having this issue?

In the console there the response is a 403 for the PUT request.
I’m using Chrome and have also tried in Brave.

@beck I am pretty sure we got you squared away through support. We block the SMS purchase to avoid bad actors from abusing things.

Im new to YCBM as well and im having the same issue with buying the SMS credit. Can this feature be unblocked for me please. SMS reminders were one of the main reason i signed up to the software.

White Ridge Plumbing

Sorry on the delay, you should be good to go @WhiteRidgePlumbing

Hello, I am having the same issue for H & H Heating - - cannot add SMS credits

Hi @tgammon

We have replied to your request directly on your support ticket. We will be glad to help you once we got your answer.