Error Resulted in Loop Event Created

Hi all, I’m Onion. I’m looking for a resolution with Google Calendar.

My client ordered through my booking page. I’ve added my Google Calendar to automatically create a new event once a booking is done. However, this morning, I’ve suffered a 165 events created over the span of 5 hours. Same booking details. Is this an error or have I done something wrong on my end?

Thank you for your time.

@cuhanhtay Onion, I have not seen this before. Are you only seeing this with the one booking? If you DM me through the forum with a booking Ref# (ABCD-EFGH-IJKL) I can take a closer look in the logs to see if I spot anything unusual. This is very odd and should not be happening.

Hi Ben, thank you for your reply.
The booking result is in this screenshot. >100 hundred booking events were created. I also use Zapier to generate a Google Meet Link after an event is created. I don’t know if this error falls within whose scope.

One of the booking ref is b013eabd-9e7e-4abf-a2fc-3a08866aeedb
I managed to delete most of them.

@cuhanhtay I checked in our logs and I only see one event setup. I suspect the issue could be with Zapier interacting with the event. If you are looking to create a Google Meet link, you can do that within YCBM automatically. It is available for all customers. Some information here: Generate unique Google Meet links for bookings - YouCanBookMe Support