Error times & availability

Can you please help me?
I get his error when I try to enter times & availability section
Maybe you know why?
Thanks in advance

Hi there, welcome to the forum. Do you have any browser extensions that could be interfering with our connection, like Ghostery? Try accessing in a incognito window and see if that resolves the error.

No nothing like ghostery…I opened it with other browser and it did not resolve the error…Any other suggestions?
Thanks in advance

Can you share a screenshot of the availability you’re trying to adjust?

Sorry I dont understand what screenshot you need…
I want to set the availability only on Sunday 10:00-14:15 and the appointments should be every 15 minutes…
Thank you

Hi again!
The problem is that I cannot enter the times & availability section and therefore I cannot set up anything…

I have created other accounts in case it works and nothing…I have also tried to enter you can book me from several computers and still doesnt work…
Can you please help me?
Thanks in advance

Hi there. Our development team just released an update for the Greek translation. Are you still seeing the error with the television screen?