Fastmail integration fails obtusely

Hi all,

I’ve set up a free trial to check that an account works with Fastmail, especially as that’s listed as a specific integration.

I’ve set this up, authorisation worked, I get a green tick for that calendar… but also I get a warning that the integration isn’t working, and the test booking page says the same. So half of the interface says its OK, half says it isn’t, and I’m kind of stuck.

Firstly - has anyone else experienced this issue, any tips on what the issue might be?

Secondly - as far as I can tell there are no additional diagnostics beyond “this doesn’t work”. If there’s an option I’ve overlooked please do let me know.

Time to see if support work on weekends…

@PathDependence I have integrated my Fastmail account without any trouble, but I haven’t tested things recently. One option you can test out is to disconnect from the integrations page:

Click the three dots next to your calendar and Disconnect. Then you can click the Fastmail integration and attempt to connect it once more. I see your open ticket I will respond there as well.

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