Forwarding reminder emails?

Hi there,

I am frequently running into situations where my clients need to send the YCBM reminder emails to their customers.

Two questions:

  1. Does YCBM offer a simple “forward now” feature on emails in a way that looks better than my clients forwarding emails through their email client?

  2. Better yet, does YCBM allow for reminders to optionally be sent to a second email address that’s different from the booker’s email address? Ideally, the client could optionally enter their customer’s email address at time of booking for reminders to go to them automatically and I could set up reminders that are specific to their customers. For instance: “Your contact JOE BUSINESS PERSON at XYZ Co is reminding you of your upcoming appointment with the details below…”

Is this possible?

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@LeroySchulz we don’t have a way to easily forward in the content, but you could setup a second email notification to a different form field that your booker sets up. Like CLIENTEMAIL as an example.

You would need to add the form field to your booking form with the Shorthand code you will use as the To email for the notification.

In the copy of that message you could say “{FNAME} at {COMPANY} is sending you this notification with details below…”

It would be nice if there was a forward functionality like those found in MailChimp and other systems, where my client can very easily forward an email in an attractive, simple way (versus forwarding through their email client).

With your suggestion of adding a form field, could I set that up so that my clients could optionally enter an email address or have the option of skipping it? In that case, can I use YCBM to schedule a separate email and sending schedule for that email address (if it exists)?

Yes, you can setup the form field to be option. If there is no data entered the email that is scheduled will fail. If there is an email address there, then the email will be sent. In this thread I go over how to add this other email to the calendar event, but the same can be for a notification. Asking the booker for more attendees

I’ll look at this, thanks.

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