Have the GMT or UTC format in the timezone menu

I am trying to send a link to someone in New Zealand, and trying to see which timezone they will (or should) get the calendar in.

As such, I don’t know what to pick in the timezones list—because I don’t know what the actual timezone (UTC+XX or GMT+XX) is. It would be nice to toggle on/off (in the customization dialog of the event page) whether timezones show up with the corresponding code.

So here it would have “USA/Pacific (UTC+0700)” or something like that.

Hi Jeremie, if I’m understanding you correctly - you can just select the region of New Zealand the booker will be in, and that will show the booking page in their timezone automatically.

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Hello @tiffany,

Thanks for showing me that timezone for New Zealand—I hadn’t seen it, and instead ended up using Pacific/Wallis. This information will be useful in the future.

The problem I am reporting is that: For my own timezone, I know how to pick it—even if I live in New Jersey, I know to pick “USA/Eastern”. But for someone else’s timezone, I only know where they live, and this allows me to deduce what the timezone is in terms of time difference, i.e., UTC+XXXX, but not what the name might be in YCBM. For instance here, I was looking for “New Zealand” or “Wellington” but I didn’t think of “Auckland”—and there was no way to search through the list, I had to scan it sequentially.

Hi Jeremie - thanks for explaining, I can see it’s not clear to search under Pacific for cities in New Zealand. I’ll bring this up with the design team.

Hello @tiffany ,

Thanks for following up.

Today I was able to see what the Calendly team is doing. And I have more details to provide.

First, in the calendar view, the timezone drop-down menu contains the current time. I find that is a good mechanism for whomever is looking at the timezone to get confirmation:

  • If they are looking at their timezone, that it shows their local time;
  • If they are looking at another timezone, it shows them what time it is there (provides some indication about whether it’s the correct timezone).

Second, somewhat as I suggested above, when you open the drop-down menu, you get to see, for every timezone not what the GMT/UTC time difference is, but instead, the local time at that timezone. Essentially this is serving a similar function.

I am not suggesting that Calendly has got it all figured out, BTW, as my search both of “New-Zealand” or “Wellington” suggests, I would not have found the New-Zealand timezone any easier:

On the other hand, if I had thought to look for “Auckland” I would have been happy: