How do I test a paid booking?

My last 2 (of 3) bookers reported problems booking. The first said that she just couldn’t access it, so she booked with me manually. The second said “When I tried to make an appointment it said that in the last few seconds that it was taken. But I just saw it was in my calendar, so I’m confused.” - The booking did work, but getting confused in the process isn’t helpful…

I’d like to test it myself, but since it’s an appointment type requiring payment, I’d have to pay. Obviously I’d get money back, but minus the stripe fee. Since the system is currently erroneously charging $600 instead of $100, that would be about $18 to go through it once! How can I test the process?

There is not a way to test the payment functionality of the booking grid. I will submit this as a feature request, however. The erroneous charge is from the confusion between the price per slot versus duration. I will also forward your comments to the team. One option would be to set your price per slot to $1, so then it would only be $6, then if that goes through successfully as it should increase to $16.50 (which will give you $99 for 6 total units).