Customization Prices

I have meeting rooms that I bill on time. They have a price per slot and a maximum price per day. For example if a customer reserves 10 slot of 10 euros it is 100 euros. After 10 slots the price is the same ie 100 euros.
Would it be possible to add to the average payment category a maximum price?

Our payment feature works on either a per unit basis or per appointment type. There is not a way to have complex payment options with a maximum per day. If you wanted to use a different payment processor you could setup Tentative bookings and route the booker to the alternative payment system. With Tentative bookings you will need to accept or reject every booking. In this instance you would only accept the booking after a successful payment was made.

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Thanks Ben for your reply.
Do you think you would do something with a maximum price condition one day?
If you had on your code a « if » condition on a slot would it work?
Thanks in advance for your answer.
Have a nice day.

This isn’t a feature on our radar, but I will submit it as a feature request for future consideration. Due to the low number of requests for something like this, the likelihood of it being built are low. It would take a considerable amount of development time to build out these types of complex pricing scenarios.

Thanks a lot Ben for your reply.
I understand your point and I only have 8 calendars for my coworking space in Paris.
Hope that one day I’ll use
Keep on doing what you do, you’re doing great and I love your product.

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