Is customization possible with the payment format like the one attached?

We need a reservation calendar with the following format ( That the prices are seen below the schedules. Is such a customization possible?

A lot of thanks!!

Hi @edgar.gomez.ruiz. This type of pricing customization is not possible out of the box with You would have to setup multiple booking pages for each price point and then use Custom Availability to designate each time on the calendar directly.

Hi Ben! Thanks for your reply. Ok. If we don’t put the pricing, the custom style it’s possible? Dis you know some examples to see?

hello ben!
Is it possible to set prices per hour? I mean, if prices are 100 in the morning and 150 in the afternoon and $ 200 on weekends. Is it possible to configure it? and when paying, if I want to pay only 50%, the other 50% is paid at the store.

Sorry on the delay. The only way to do this would be to have a down payment for all bookings then charge the difference in store. Within the booking form you can specify that the customer is reserving the time and the total will be different. Try using conditional logic to dynamically change the amount depending on the day booked.