Payments working wrong (or at least confusingly)

My customer was charged $600 instead of $100, and I can’t figure out where the $600 is coming from. I have 1 appointment type, and its price is set at $100 as seen here.


She was charged $600. Somehow/somewhere the {price} tag is set at $600, but I don’t know how/where to access it or how it’s different from the above (or where the $600 came from, b/c I never input that number anywhere). The reason I’m saying that that tag is set at $600 is that when I was editing my appointment confirmations, {price} was showing as $600. I thought it was a mistake somewhere, and just took pricing out of email sequence, b/c I could see my appointment type was set at $100.

So where is that coming from, so I can fix it?
Thanks for your help.

The $100 is per timeslot. If you are setting up 10 minute grid increments and an hour duration then the cost will be $600 (for 6 slots). You would need to adjust it to be $10/slot then. Let me know if have any questions.

I think I see (although I’m going to say that’s not clear on setup…). But I can’t literally see, because right now the system is down, so I can’t go in and look at this.

But, how would I make it so that a session is 90 minutes, but they can choose their start time more liberally. For example, let’s say my day starts @ 10am. If a client wants to schedule for 10:30, and I’m open from 10:30-12:00, I want them to be able to do that. I don’t want them to only be able to schedule @ 10am, 11:30, 1pm, etc. Because what if that start time doesn’t work for them?

Now I can log in and can see what’s confusing:
I have a fixed booking duration of 90 minutes.
But I’ve asked it to show availability in increments of 15 minutes.

Then under payments it says the price is defined as $100 per SLOT. This language is inconsistent enough to be confusing. Obviously I thought slot=booking, but YCBM defines slot=availability increment.

Hopefully somebody cares/improves from a usability standpoint, but now that I know your definitions…

I would like it to be a fixed $100, and I would like increment flexibility. Is there a way to have this combination?

In the future if/when I upgrade, I’ll change it so there’s flexibility in booking options. However, in order to want to upgrade, I need to know the system works for me. So far it’s not. Hoping you can help,

I have setup a free trial for you until the 7th of July. This will allow you to test out all of the features. I understand the confusion with the slot/price. I will forward your feedback through to our design team. There isn’t a way to have a fixed price and a flexible duration. One option would be Appointment Types this will allow you to set a price for a duration of time.

I need to be able to have a fixed price and a flexible duration, because I take a fixed $100 deposit for the appointment (as opposed to full payment for the appointment). Then the client pays the balance at the end, but I have a minimum non-refundable amount that I keep in case they no-show or cancel without minimum notice. What I’m avoiding doing is taking too much up front, that I would then have to refund later if they cancel with appropriate notice, b/c then I’m paying the card-processing fee for something that I have to refund and make no money on. That’s why I do a $100 deposit - my risk is only $3. So I think this is essentially feedback to the designer/developers. I’ll look at other systems that permit this functionality, and also consider a variable deposit scenario with your system.

I appreciate the sentiment of extending the trial to July 7th, but that timing didn’t do anything for me… I literally didn’t have time to play with it until now. Which you can probably tell if you have any activity logging by accounts. I just logged in today to try to give the trial a go, and realized it just expired. If you’re willing to put it back to give me time to figure out if it’s going to meet my needs, that’d be awesome. But if so, can I request we not start until the week of July 22? Next week will be hairy as well, and then after that will calm down and let me work on things like this.

@debeps not a problem. I setup your trial to expire August 10th. That should give you plenty of time to test things.

Thank you so much, Ben. I’ll make a note in my calendar to make sure to prioritize experimenting with this week after next, so I know whether YCBM can fit for me, before Aug 10. I appreciate your flexibility.