YCBM is setting TWO appointments at DIFFERENT times when ONE is made

The last two days, this issue has happened with EVERY (two) appointment made using YCBM.

1- I send my scheduling link to a prospect
2- They choose a time and make an appointment
3- The integration with my Google Calendar sets the appointment
4 - TWO of the appointments are set at DIFFERENT times (one right after the other)
5- I HAVE checked that time zones in YCBM and my Google Calendar are the same
6- And keep in mind, this has only been happening the past two days (so far)
7- AND I just noticed… I’m also getting TWO notifications via Gmail that the appointment was set - each showing different times as well.

For example…

Just this morning this appointment was made (see image)… and it’s showing on my Google Calendar TWICE right in a row…


How can I fix this? As it stands, I don’t know which is the proper time!!!

Hi @CareyG, I checked everything over and it all looks good. I even made a test booking, I only see one booking in the system. Do you see only one event for the 24th for me? I am at a loss as to what may be happening here. Are all the second bookings a half hour after the first? Very odd.

Just saw that I am added as a participant twice to your event, that could be the issue. I have set you up with a free trial. I would recommend to make a new booking page.