YCBM popup incorrectly reports conflict in Google calendar when attempting to make group appointment

We are using google calendar and YCBM is configured for group appointments, 3 slots to a group. This issue only happens when we are making appointments in house for a customer. We can ignore the conflict message and make the appointment, however, this creates an issue with workers in house who get confused by the message and then need internal support to resolve.

Problem dates on the calendar have a dotted line circle instead of a solid line.

@Michael I am sorry on the delay. For your internal folks they may need to access the booking page via a private browser. If they are signed into YCBM and visit a YCBM page and have connected calendars you will see only the times that the YCBM page and the connected calendar are free. All conflicts will have a dotted line as you mentioned.

Or they can disconnect calendars here:

Thanks Ben, good to know, we can work around this feature.

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