Inaccurate posting to my calendar

YCBM has synced flawlessly with my calendar for 8 years, but this is a new one. This booking showed up on my calendar as being at 2:15 pm EDT but the confirmation email says 3:45. I confirmed with the client that it should be 3:45 EDT. It’s clearly not a time zone issue since the appointments are off an hour and a half (not an hour). See these image links.

Second image.

@heydaycoaching welcome to the Forum! You are showing two different bookings here. In your confirmation it is for a booking made on May 23rd, but on your calendar it is a booking made on May 2nd. They have two different Ref # as well (ABCD-EFGH-IJKL)

But they both showed up the same day.

@heydaycoaching this booker booked two bookings close together. One was for 1:15 CST, or 2:15 EDT

And on was for 2:45 CST: