How does you can book me handle multiple calendars

I am looking for a specific solution to a problem I have. I am looking to switch from acuity. How does you can book me handle this situation.

I have 2 sales reps (Calendar A and Calendar B)
If i have 1 appointment type and both of the reps are assigned to that appointment type what will happen if…

Calendar A is busy at 10am but calendar B is available
Will customer be able to book on that time slot.

Also can we have it where they DO NOT have to select who they want to speak to, as they are still a prospect and would have no idea who they would want to book with.

In the scenario you laid out if Calendar A is booked, but Calendar B is open, then the booking will be placed on Calendar B. You can set things up to assume no preference with Team members so they are automatically assigned. More info here..