How to add event attachment to First Notification Email?

We are setting up YCBM for our Business and one thing I noticed is that Booker gets 2 emails after a new booking, 1st one that we set up in YCBM and 2nd one from a team member’s email address to the booker which is basically an event invitation.

However today I was able to request an appointment from someone who is also using YCBM. When I booked an appointment I got a confirmation email that had an event invitation already attached to it.

**They are using Zoom meeting as you can see from the email while we are using Google calendars and google meet as locations.

We want something similar but could not figure out how to do it. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Benson! Welcome to the forum. It appears they may have an older account model setup. I’ll message you privately for more details so we can understand what’s going on.

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In case anyone on the forum wants to know the result here :slight_smile:

In this case, the booking page is not automatically inviting bookers to the calendar event. Instead they are asking the booker to download the calendar event yourself - the “add to calendar” buttons are in the confirmation email you receive. That may be the connected .ics file you’re seeing.

To do the same setup, you would need to go to Notifications > Calendar events and turn off “Invite participants to calendar events.” Then you would click Booker Calendar Event at the top of this section to customize the event the booker will manually add to their calendar.

Finally in your confirmation emails you would need to add the Add to calendar buttons so they can add it to the calendar themselves.

The difference with this setup is the event on your calendar and theirs are not connected. If you cancel or reschedule the booking, it will remaining on their calendar at the original time.

More guidance from our knowledge base: Managing Calendar Invitations - Support


Thank you so much for clarification.

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