How can I change my e-mail address

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I’ve successfully changed the e-mail address for notifications but can’t find where to update my contact address for the login and account settings.

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@Nicole welcome to the Forum. If you click your initials in the top right, then account you can adjust your email here:


Or visit this link:

Hi Ben,

thanks a lot!

I’ve got one more question.
When someone books an appointment, he or she gets TWO e-mails: The one I customized and another one with very basic information, which I’d like not to send, but I can’t find where I can suppress this useless message.

Do you understand which “invitation mail” I mean?

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Yes, one will be from the notification workflow inside and the other will be Google or Microsoft inviting the booker. If you are inviting your booker to share the calendar event you can turn off the email notification under Actions. More info here Managing Calendar Invitations - Support

Hi Ben,

I’d like to do it the other way round:

The booker should not receive the calendar invitation email generated by my calendar provider, but only the confirmation email to my booker.

Is that possible, too?

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Hi @Nicole yes, you simply need to uncheck the invite participants option in the calendar event:

Be sure that you are adding the {ADD-TO-…} Shorthand codes in your confirmation email as with this setting disabled the booker is not automatically invited (to prevent the calendar notification). More information here.