I can't create a reservation

Please, could you help us.We are YCBM customers but we have created a new account to carry out some tests. After exhausting the trial time we are using the free version. We can’t create a reservation and we get the message “sorry, something is wrong, we couldn’t activate the anti-bot protection. Please refresh the page to try again.” Sometimes it works and creates the reservation but most of the time (90%) it shows us this error.
mensaje error
The account we are using as a test is “[Removed by Admin]”

Hi @joseluis sorry on the delay and the issue. Early today Google reported an outage with Google Calendar. That has been resolved and everything should be working now.

Hola Ben, continuamos teniendo el mismo problema. El mensaje se repite de forma aleatoria tanto al crear las reservas como al cancelarlas o reprogramarlas.

Te dejo algunos ejemplos:

Hola Ben, buenos días:
Continuamos teniendo el mismo problema que te comenté. No podemos realizar reservas y el sistema nos da el mensaje “lo sentimos, algo no está funcionando bien. No hemos podido activar la protección anti bots. Actualice la página para intentarlo de nuevo”. Por favor podrías ayudarnos, estamos usando una versión gratuita para ver si se ajusta a unas exigencias de usuario y no funciona.

@joseluis I am terribly sorry on the long delay and the issues you are still running into. From the errror messages it sounds like something is tripping the Captcha. Have you tried disabling it:

Hello Ben, good morning:

I have disabled that option and everything seems to be going well now, let’s hope it stays that way.

On the other hand, I tell you that we have made the payment for a license for one year and we would like to know if everything is correct.

The user account is [Removed by Admin]

I checked on the account and everything looks good for your annual subscription!