I have the breakout of frameset option checked for mobile but it's not working on original iPhone X

Hi, On my iPhone XR the embedded form breaks out of frameset perfectly on mobile every time. If I uncheck the option it doesn’t and all is well both ways. However, on an older iPhone X the form NEVER breaks out of the frameset, so this is very bizarre and is obviously very problematic as the form doesn’t play nice when embedded on mobile.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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It happen the same for me, not just on the iphone x! I end up using the youcanbook me standard booking page instead of embedded and I customised for how I wanted through CSS. That made things a lot easier.

This is something we are working on. The breakout is not working due to security updates that are blocking our redirects. We are looking to revamp the mobile options for embedding on our new booking experience which will be available to everyone very soon.