Integration of YCBM with virtual wallet in my WP site


I am exploring YCBM and seeing if I could use it the way I want. Here is my doubt:

Specifically, I would like to allow booking (through YCBM) only if there is enough credit in a user’s wallet.
In other words, the steps involved would be:

(1) first a user (on my WP site) needs to purchase credits through a plugin like “MicroPayments Virtual Wallet Plugin for WordPress”
(I am mentioning this plugin just as an example [I’d be happy with using other options], but more info can be found here: );

(2) those credits are added to the user’s account, through that same plugin mentioned in (1);

(3) in the next step, the user books through YCBM—but booking is only possible if there is enough credit in his or her wallet.

As an aside, I am aware that YCBM integrates in some way with WooCommerce through Zapier, and the plugin I mentioned (“MicroPayments Virtual Wallet Plugin for WordPress”) also integrates with WooCommerce. (Alternatively, there’s also a similar wallet plugin, called “TeraWallet – For WooCommerce”, that directly integrates with WooCommerce.)
So perhaps: can that provide a way for me to achieve what I described above?

I would really appreciate if you could help me find out!

With many thanks in advance,

Hi Al, thanks for posting!

It might be a bit tricky to only show the booking page to folks who have credits available without some custom coding. For instance once someone has the booking link they can place a booking. You could setup Tentative bookings and build out an app that pings back to our API to accept only the bookings where their are credits available. This would be a pretty intensive setup.

Another option is to use our deprecated Voucher feature. As you have seen in Zapier there is an action you can trigger that creates a voucher. This is a unique code that folks can use to then book. It is a bit of a complicated setup, but I can give you some information on how to test this out, if you are interested.

Hi Ben!

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question!

Yes, please: if you could give me information on how to test the use of the Voucher feature to achieve what I’m intending, that would be much appreciated!

(I was only wondering: being it deprecated, could I expect the Voucher feature to cause any extra or unexpected problem?)

Many thanks again!

Hi Al - when I say deprecated I am referring to the fact that we won’t be making any improvements to this feature or be able to support it.

To activate the feature while editing the profile, make sure the end of the URL says &section=vouchers. This will bring you to this screen where you can add your codes:

Then on the booking form you will need to add a code field for folks to enter the code they receive so they can book:

As I mentioned you can add voucher codes via Zapier to automate the process somewhat.