Make "Hiding Unavailable Rows" feature optional

Hi there,
It would be great if the “Hiding Unavailable Rows” feature could be enabled/disabled in the settings.
It’s been very confusing for clients looking for long appointments as it seems the slots are available in a row.


I agree. I think it’s a neat idea to hide rows that are useless–it saves in vertical space; and also on mobile, where slots are listed horizontally, it makes more sense.

However the hallmark of YCBM is to be customizable to the users every whim, and I think that this “hiding unavailable rows” option can sometimes be more confusing (it also depends on the audience). Have it be an option like everything else (padding, duration, etc.) would be cool.

200%. This is a show stopper for me.

I’ve lost track of how many times clients have asked why I’m taking time off during busy seasons, when the reality is that I’m booked and I WANT THAT TO SHOW.

This really needs to be a user option, not something that YCBM decides for us.

Please YCBM. Can you make this happen ASAP?

These are the points I raised to YCMB support about this topic last August about YCBM automatically hiding unavailable rows:

  1. It’s inconsistent.
  2. It’s confusing for clients who expect regular availability.
  3. It reflects poorly on us (making it seem like we’re working limited hours – which we’re not).
  4. I detracts from giving the accurate impression that we’re in demand.
  5. The fact that those rows are disappeared automatically takes away YCBM user’s ability to present our schedules in the way we want.

Why not make hiding rows an option for YCBM users who can benefit from that, but leave that control in our hands for those of us who don’t want that?

I had a catchup with the product and design team they have mocked up a UI element to allow you to show unavailable time or hide it. No timeframe on when this will be added, but it is on our radar. Thank you everyone for your patience.

Excellent. Thank you for the update about this.

Waiting (im)patiently. :grinning:

Hi there,

Is there any update on this?

Thank you.

Checking on this one as well.

Hi Ben, were you able to obtain an update about this?

Sorry @LeroySchulz let me check on this for you.

Update from the design team. This is still being scoped out. Right now we are exploring options to present your bookers with the ability to toggle this on or off. The challenge is that we have a plan to overhaul the booking grid to update the technology so this feature may need to wait until that work is done. I will update when I hear more.

+1 on this feature request