Parent Teacher Conferences

Hi there, We are looking for easy to set up instructions for our school to use to set up Parent Teacher Conferences. Our school administrative assistant is in charge of this project and as the IT Specialist, I am supporting this project. We have created 30+ calendars for each of our clusters or teams (grades 6-8 teachers). The Admin Assist made them on her Google calendar so the teachers did have to be involved at this point.
Example: Math/Sci grade 6 Red team
We have shared these calendars with guidance counselors, special educators, multi-team teachers (Art, Music), administrators and on team teachers (Math, Sci) our next step is creating the booking pages and I am looking for suggestions. Should we set them up by grade level or whole school? Should we make a template? Our conference dates are wednesdays, spread out over 2 months. WHere do the Google Meet links come in? Does YCBMe create them or do we?
Thanks in advance!

@doucetteb so many great questions here.
Should we set them up by grade level or whole school?
You could set them up by grade level. This would allow parents to only have to check on one link for their child and then all the teachers that child may have. It all depends on how you are notifying the parents of the meeting links.

Should we make a template?
Yes absolutely. Make one how you want it then simply duplicate it and add more teachers (Team Members) to the different pages. To duplicate from the dashboard click the three dots then Duplicate.

Where do the Google Meet links come in?
If you have Google integrated for all of your teachers the Google Meet link will be created automatically. You need to choose Google Meet in the location field for the calendar events. You can add {GOOGLE-MEET} to any email notification to include the link as well. Generate unique Google Meet links for bookings - YouCanBookMe Support

I hope this helps, let me know if you have additional questions about getting things setup.

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