Please alter the login!

I have raised it and it was dismissed as not really relevant.

However I am not aware of any other site where clicking login opens up a new tab. Why?

Why can’t it just stay on the same page?

As a result I can’t have the site pinned to the browser etc.

The software is good but there are a few annoying issues with running it - you don’t like to make life simple :frowning:

Another gripe is that a) you can’t change a meeting time by a short period if that new meeting time conflicts with the original meeting time - of course it might. You should be able to alter the start time and as long as it doesn’t conflict with another booking it should be accepted.

b) oh and you can’t accept a booking if the time is about to start or has even just started. The link out to be able to be made live at any point.

All very frustrating - sorry!

@isdoo welcome to the Forum and thank you for the feedback. I am sorry for any frustration.

You can pin or bookmark this:

That will get you to the login page.

For your other points:
a). I am not sure I understand. You want to change your start times on the fly for each booking?

b). The Tentative Functionality was designed to allow you to accept a booking in advance of the start time. You should be able to {ACCEPT} before the booking starts, but not after it as started.


Let’s say for example the client has booked a 2pm meeting.

They then call - can we please change the meeting to 3pm.

Not a problem - however it is not possible to change the meeting in your system as it would either overlap or would be within the buffer for meetings. Or if you need 24 hours notice to book new meetings it would not be possible to say go from 11am to 4pm.

Therefore it would be good to be able to simply update the time of the meeting in your system irrespective of whether it broke any of the time rules that we have set up.

At the end of the day we ought to know our own calendar better.

Hope that makes sense.


When you manually move the events on the calendar those will udpate for all notifications and emails with the new start time. By default an email is not sent to the customer, but you can opt to send them the updated time.

So you won’t be able to reschedule through the system on short notice, but you can manually move things on the target calendar.