Resend booking confirmation email

A client had a typo in the email address that he used to submit a booking, so everything bounced back to me.

I searched the knowledgebase and noted Confirmation emails not being sent - Support. I’ve updated his email address for the booking.

Now that I’ve updated his email address, how do I resend the booking and calendar details to him so that he has everything?

@LeroySchulz Right now there isn’t a way to resend a confirmation or reminder. This is something we are working on. This has been scoped out and is queued up. If you updated the email the reminders should be sent to them. You also could add another reminder for cases like this that sends the details another time with the {ADD-TO-} button. You also can manually adjust the email address on the booking and this will send him an invite through your calendar provider.

I’m glad to hear that this is upcoming. I’m hoping that it’s something very simple like a button to “resend booking details and calendar invite”.

Do you have an ETA on this?

No update as of now. This is part of an epic that will fix a few other outstanding things with the bookings dashboard. This will hopefully be queued up for later this summer, but we cannot make any guarantees.

Okay. I’ll be looking forward to the epic update.

Thank you.

Any update on this also?

@LeroySchulz YES an update! Woot! :grinning: This one is on the board right now and the backend changes are in development. After which, we’ll follow up with the frontend to allow people to action it. It’ll mean customers can resend email, SMS, and webhooks.

Glad to hear it. Looking forward to seeing this update.

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