Reservation code to QR code

I have a question: is it possible to transform the reservation code into a QR code to be entered in the confirmation email to the user?

Hello @ufficiocomunicazione,

The QR-code idea is very neat!

Welcome to the YouCanBook.Me (YCBM) community! I am a user like you, I use this tool in academia, to set it up meetings with colleagues, students and parents. As you will find out, YCBM is incredibly customizable, because the company who designed it chose good, reliable technologies.

In this case, every piece of communication can use the Markdown format. This format is fairly powerful, and combined with a QR-code generator API (such as this one), makes it easy to include a QR-code in your booking message:

![Meeting QR-code]({REF})

This will look like this:

If you scan the QR-code, you will get the reference code which is why I used the {REF} short-code. You could use this same idea to provide a QR-code containing any information you want (including information provided to you through the booking form).

The reason this is simple is because YCBM is well designed.

Good luck! and let us know if you need any more help.

Thanks Jeremie!
In this way I insert a static QR-CODE though. I should have the QR-CODE register and display the reservation data for faster checking at my company’s desk.

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