SMS Notification Should offer Shorting Timing Options

I note the new SMS service. I would like to suggest to provide a wider option of timings for the sending of such messages, especially for the reminder prior to an appointment. The benefit of SMS is that it gets immediate attention. As such I would like to be provided the option to choose a time for the sending in only minutes prior to a meeting instead of hours. While in-person meetings, may need long advance notification to allow for travel time, virtual meetings such as via zoom or telephone, would benefit from a much shorter advance notice, much closer to the actual appointment. For my company, clients telephone us for appointments, and in such a case a 5 minute advance warning not an hours warning, would be more effectice to get attention, and response on time.

@VisaCoach you can set any notification to be sent within minutes:

This can be for reminders, confirmation, follow ups, essentially any trigger with the notification workflow.

This is setup per booking page.

Thanks. Found the link.

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