Specific services for team members

My team has 3 people atm. and it’s little bit annoying when you can’t set specific services to each team members. Sometimes it happens that someone makes booking for wrong person who don’t offer that service at all.

The reason I use this Team option is that we share most of our services and it really helps management etc. I know I could do separate booking profiles, but then customer would have to check 3 different calendars to see when is next available time.

Now I have put information on service title like (Massage TM1, TM2, TM3) and on Team page. The problem comes when someone picks acupuncture (TM2) and clicks “Check all available times” link.

TM1: Massage, acupuncture, hot stone
TM2 Massage, Indian head massage
TM3 Massage, Cranio sacral therapy

Currently there is not a way to have specific team members be connected to different services. You will have to setup separate booking profiles. One option would be to have one webpage on your website that has the services and then it links out to to the respective booking link. I will get your comments submitted as a feature request for future consideration.