A few specific questions for specific areas of operation

Hi. I have a few specific questions for specific areas of operation. First of all for understanding: Bookings would primarily be entered purely manually* via Team manager. Online bookings directly by customers are not foreseen (as they are unfortunately not accepted by customers). Customers call by phone or contact us via messenger. Each team manager is responsible for several service persons assigned to him. The entries of the appointments for the individual service persons are only entered into the system via the respective team managers responsible.

So finally there are 4 roles: Clients, service persons (proividers), team managers and the boss manager (boss).

The following additional requirements are needed:

  1. each team manager must have a constant overview of all appointments of all his service persons at any time. Must be able to see every single booking of a service person. Ideally also as daily view (instead of weekly view).

  2. every service person should be able to view all his own appointments at any time. They should be able to accept or decline their appointments. Only after acceptance of the appointment by the respective service person, the respective appointment is firmly registered. The team manager must still be able to change/delete it at any time. The service person should be able to see their own appointments via the smartphone (app or browser). Of course, only their own appointments.

The customer should automatically receive a reminder SMS/email from the system in a definable period of time before his appointment. The team manager enters the phone number of the customer. This should work without any problems as I have read (?).

  1. the boss manager (boss) must have a constant overview of the appointments of all service persons. Preferably via the same appointment calendar as the respective team managers. Also the chief manager (boss) must be able to change/delete appointments of each service person.

  2. team managers should NOT be able to see the appointments of other teams (team managers).

  3. a key factor why we are interested in the system is time zone management. If I understand correctly this would look like the following in practice: As a fictitious example, “Team A” with 4 service persons would be in Rome/Italy and let’s assume “Team B” with 5 service persons in New York City/USA. The respective team manager as well as his assigned persons would see the local time in each case, as well as the customers on site. Question: What would be displayed to the head manager (boss)? The local time in each case? Or his own time +/-? So for example GTM+1 or GTM-8 etc.?

  4. are user defined (free) fields available for each booking? One or more? Also as dropdown/select field?

  5. Some confused: Does this require for each service person (provider) and the team managers and boss each a own calendar (10 USD) or are there team versions available?

  6. Is there a whitelabel (without YCBM branding) and/or with custom domain possible? Or does this work via the integration in own website (also via wordpress?)

Thanks, Peter

Hello Peter,

Welcome to the YCBM Forum! We hope you find helpful all the resources that are being shared with the entire community.

It is excellent that you have a complete workflow for your team. You can set up the booking page for a team where you can invite the team members to join the account and then assign roles and assign the booking pages to specific team members or workgroups as you need.

The appointments will be displayed on the team member’s dashboard depending on the assigned booking page. You can set up the email notifications as you needed depending on your needs, and reminders to the bookers and team members.

The timezones are being recognized individually on the tool as booker and owner so the communications sent to the booker it will be displayed the information specific to the booker and for the owner respectfully.

There are features that are included on the free plan and other with the paid subscription, you can consult the difference on the article below.

The pricing for YCBM is based on the number of calendars connected so for example if there are 5 team members ( each one with their individual calendar connected) it will be $50 per month ($10 each).

Feel free to reply here or contact us directly at support@youcanbook.me for further assistance.

Kind regards,