If I use the start-rescheduled-from code in a web hook on a multiple-rescheduled booking, does the code generated on every reschedule continue to use the original start time when the booking was first made, or the start time in place before the booking was rescheduled?

@boyler welcome to the Forum! This is a great question. I will need to test this out to be 100% sure, but if memory serves that will be from the current start time. Meaning if someone books and reschedules, the start-rescheduled-from will be the original start time, if they reschedule again it will be from the rescheduled time. I will test this and get back to you though.

I can confirm it will be from the most recent rescheduled time.

Hi Ben - I tested it myself with a zap, and found this:

  1. Booking scheduled for Monday 25th @ 10am
  2. Booking rescheduled for Monday 25th at 11am; shortcode displays Monday 25th @ 10am
  3. Booking rescheduled from Monday 25th @ 11am for Tuesday 26th @ 10am; shortcake displays Monday 25th at 11am.

If I was being really picky, it would be great to have an additional shortcake called something like START-RESCHEDULED-FROMISO as I use the ISO shortcake to create the booking and update it in my CRM using Zapier, so having the rescheduled time code in the same format would make it absolutely secure in terms of finding the appointment in my CRM.

I can float this over to the engineering team to see if we can get this shorthand code added. Another option for your CRM would be to use something like [{REF}] This is the reference number we send through with each booking and it will never change. If on your Zap you run a search you can search for [{REF}] To pull up the appointment and update things accordingly.

Thanks Ben - I can use that, but because of the vagaries of how the CRM’s Zapier is implemented, I have to use a specific field in the CRM to store the REF, which then makes interrogating the CRM afterwards much messier…

If you find that the Zapier implementation is limiting for your CRM it could be possible to use your CRMs API (via Zapier webhooks) to pass in more information or manipulate other things.