Stripe Apple Pay Erattic Behaviour

I have succesfully set up a number of booking pages and integrated stripe checkout. During initial tests all was working sucessfully. The clients (wifes!) main aim of “customers being able to pay by Apple Pay” had been acheived. Hooraah!

However, under final testing the pay by apple pay quick part is erratcally being displayed and not displayed. See below screenshots from two iphones, with same ios, same exact appointment and same customer details, one has pay by apple pay the other does not.

I have tested with multiple iPhones, multiple emails and I have come to the conclusion that the culprit may be “Link by Stripe”. On another phone when i clicked “pay without Link” the apple pay button then appears again.

Any help would be much appreciated and apologies if I have not given sufficient information to enable support.

EDIT: I have also been able to simulate the apple pay button appearing and not appearing on the same iPhone by changing the customer email address only.
I have disabled all payment methods in strip and re-enabled one-by-one.


Here is the example of the problem with the same phone with different arbitary email addresses (one is recognised by Link by Stripe the other is not).

@Robert can you confirm that both devices have a credit card stored in the iPhone 12’s wallet?

HI Ben, thanks for the response.

Yes both the iPhone 12 and 14 have a credit card stored and use Apple pay regually. In fact the second example is using the same iphone 12.

Some further information is that i have the same stripe account and config working with Apple pay with squarespace ecommerce and giftUp.

I have found the API requests on Stripe developer logs and I can see that "Link is being requested as a payment method.