*URGENT* Internationalization Stripe Integration

Hi people,

I would like to refer you guys to a forum article on April 2020:

I would like to know if, after 3 years, YCBM has changed the Stripe integration into YCBM supporting customers from other countries to pay with their local system (e.g. iDEAL in the Netherlands). Stripe is supporting this. The Stripe integration in YCBM, just needs a little tweaking. Have you guys worked on this?

Would love to hear soon as I’m in a hurry to choose a booking system for my business and I’m ready to choose the Pro version if the above is possible.

Best regards,


Hi @headwellness, thanks for your patience. We are looking into the work required to open up our payment system to allow for additional providers like iDEAL. We are exploring this both from a subscription perspective and to offer to our customers bookers as well. I do not have an exact timeframe on this at the moment.