iDEAL payment via Stripe

In Stripe I’ve activated iDEAL as payment option as this is the most popular payment method in the Netherlands. How can make that option visible in the booking form? I only see the creditcard option.

Thanks, Joost

Hi Joost, IDEAL is not supported currently. We can only allow credit cards via Stripe at this time.

Thanks for clearing that up Ben. It is unfortunate, as credit cards are not very common in Europe. Is there an ETA when YCBM will add more payment options?

@Joost I am a user like you, I use YCBM in education.

YCBM is a London-based company, so they are in Europe and aware of the greater fragmentation of payment methods compared to the US, for instance.

Since Stripe acts as a middle-man for all transactions, it is technically possible to use them for all these local payment methods (IDEAL in the Netherlands, SOFORT in Germany+, Klarna in Sweden+, more info on preferred payment methods everywhere in the world here).

My guess is that the bottleneck is that even if Stripe technically allows for IDEAL transactions, an interface needs to be provided inside YCBM to process these transactions, in addition to the credit card dialog:

This interface needs to be built, tested, and in particular tested with local users. And if YCBM is going to put in the effort of expanding the charge methods to other countries, it would be also useful to have some minimal marketing. Fortunately they have already invested in localization!! :smiley:

All these things can take time and effort, therefore if you find like I do that YCBM is a terrific product, while I am sure IDEAL billing will come down the road eventually (because Stripe supports it and YCBM has already shown that internalization is important to it), but maybe not in time for you to pay for your YCBM!