Taking payments


I have an online service that I would like to start charging for. I have not setup any payment system online before. I saw in the support article that you have to use Stripe, is this the only option? Also I do not have an hourly rate, instead I charge by the meeting I have. Does anyone know the best way to set this up?


I think you can only use Stripe. Setting up a Stripe account is super simple, as long as your business has a tax ID number. On second though you might be able to set things up under your name to start, but I am not 100% sure on that. Also not sure on your second question.


You can setup Appointment Types which will allow you to set a specific price per meeting option. To @April’s point you can only use Stripe at this time. While there is a way to set things up on another payment processor, the integration with Stripe is seamless.