Utilizing a different payment processor

I’m utilizing Anedot as my payment processor for my campaign (similar to ActBlue and WinRed but non-partisan). I was wondering if there was a way to set this up to work with that, even if it requires some kind of back-and-forth workflow setup/hack? I don’t want to have to deal with stripe on top of the one I already use, it will, unfortunately, make things really complicated from a compliance standpoint.

@gwennibear There is a way to get things to work with a different payment processor, but it is very complex to set up. You can explore using Tentative Bookings. This will place every booking into a pending status to either be Accepted or Rejected. Then you can redirect folks to a checkout page (Redirect URL after booking). You may need to pass in parameters into the URL to designate price and quantity etc. Then from there you can either use a tool like Zapier to edit the booking to mark it as “status”:“ACCEPTED” (through our API) or you can manually do this through the bookings dashboard in YCBM.

The other option is to have folks pay first, then after successful payment bring them to the booking page. You can still use Tentative Bookings to allow a check to see if they have paid. This option would be a bit easier to setup.