Stripe authorized payments for cancellation

90% sure that YCBM can’t do this easily, so this is half a Feature Request and half a “how do I do this myself”? question.

We’d like to take a refundable deposit before booking a meeting, to be refunded if the meeting happens, and charged fully if the meeting is cancelled (by the booker).

This feature is called “authorized payments” in Stripe-language. From a technical standpoint, It involves adding a single additional property in the checkout API call. Is there a reasonable way to do this with

@dsadinoff Welcome to the Forum! What you could do is setup the payments feature to be for only deposit amount. You will need to manually refund the charges for folks that attend the meetings as there is not a way to do this automatically. Information on payments here. In the future we will have a way to trigger different events if someone is marked as a no show or if they showed up. With that you could potentially setup a way to refund automatically through Stripe via a webhook or with Zapier.

right, sadly, Charging + Refunding are not the same thing as putting a hold on an amount. Thanks anyways.

Our solution is to not use the Stripe integration and instead redirect to a take-payment-info screen after the YCBM setup process is complete, having made clear on the setup screen that the appointment is contingent on them giving us the credit card hold.


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@dsadinoff that sounds like a decent workaround.