Be credited (for a free account), following a reservation

Good morning,

I just created a free YouCanBookMe account.
The customer’s credit card was charged when booking online. However, I was not credited to my bank account.

Possible to send to the finance department?


@Creationfa to confirm you did not see the money inside of your Stripe account? Checking on your successful booking I see a Stripe charge Id attached to it.

Keep in mind that if you cancel a booking you will need to refund things manually inside of Stripe. - Refund a customer : Stripe: Help & Support

Hello everyone,

Thank you @Ben, the payment actually went well. On Stripe I notice that there is a delay for the first payment to my credited account. So I checked the bank details, which are correct.
This first payment is scheduled for April 8.

So topic resolved. Thanks to the team for the support.

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