Unable to select duration when embedded

Since the updated calendar settings it’s impossible for clients to select their own duration when the form is embedded on our website.

This is how the form displays: Premium Podcast Studio Hire — Production Studio Hire

They should be able to select the duration and then select the date (it used to be they would select starting time and then select duration on the next page) but now there seems to be no option other than 1 hour.

Has anyone had the same issue and worked out how to fix it?

Also a lot of the controls don’t work. for example the back button, the today button and the scroll arrows. It’s a bit of a mess and i’m not sure we can continue to use a product that is so broken.

@stupidold checking the embed it looks like the script might be blocked to allow the navigation. You can try embedding with an iFrame:

<iframe src="https://yourdomain.youcanbook.me/?
frameborder="0"   allowtransparency="true"></iframe> 
window.addEventListener && window.addEventListener("message", function(event){     if (event.origin === "https://yourdomain.youcanbook.me"){
document.getElementById("ycbm").style.height = event.data + "px";  
	}}, false); 

Replace https://yourdomain.youcanbook.me/ with your YCBM link. If this script doesn’t work either, you can remove it and keep the top iFrame part.

This worked! Thank you so much Ben :slight_smile:

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