Why do I have to create a new team member instead of selecting them from a drop-down?

I am creating multiple booking pages, one per sales region.
Each agent belongs to a few sales regions.
For each Team booking page I have to create each team member from scratch. It does not take too long to do, but I would expect to simply add team members to the booking page from a drop-down list of team members like you can do when selecting a calendar or zoom.
Is there not an easier way to add team members to team booking pages?

@cmorenoserrano not at this time, but this is something we are working on. We are looking to make the process of getting a team setup as smooth as possible. We understand the challenges with doing things over again. While I can’t provide specifics as things are still a work in progress, I can say that the issue you are seeing will be handled.

In the interim though through the app there isn’t a way to duplicate a team member across pages. Through the API it is possible to POST team members to pages, but if you aren’t familiar with APIs that may not be an advisable approach.