Zoom passwords for not in students' calendars

In using the you can book me links for my Google Classes, I’m wondering if in the booking email sent to my students, the password for the Zoom meeting will show. My school district has set my zoom meetings with passwords for security purposes and I can’t change that setting. It seems that in my calendar the meeting password for zoom shows but it doesn’t show in the students calendar.

Hello Chris,

I am a faculty using YCBM for my students as well, and will see if I can help.

The password is set by your administration, and stays the same for you? So if I understand correctly, you have customized the calendar event text for yourself to have that Zoom password appear, but it does not seem to appear in the students’ calendar.

You can read here about the different ways YCBM allows you to handle calendar events:

In particular:

  • Either your student is a participant on your calendar event (in which case, you both should see the same event).
  • Or you allow for the student to create their own event (and they may choose not to), by using the “Different event for bookers” mode. In this case, you need to remember to customize their booking event description to also contain the password—and you need to create “Add to calendar” buttons on your thank you page, otherwise the students won’t have an opportunity to add the event to their calendar.

Hope this helps,

… also this is not exactly related, but since you’re using this for teaching like me, you might find this new ability to have several students sign up for the same meeting useful:

Good luck, and welcome to the YCBM community!

In Zoom, my administration has defaulted the password setting for each meeting (security). Every Zoom meeting has a unique password that is generated an hour before the meeting. A couple of issues; one, the password does not show up on the invitation to the student (email) or on the students’ calendar. Two, I can only find the meeting password if I click on the meeting link on the invitation generated by Youcanbookme. That link only works an hour before the meeting and beyond. It would be beneficial if the meeting generated showed up on my Zoom immediately and the invitation sent to the student showed all the information for that meeting, including the password. Thanks for reaching out.