Why my ZOOM Personal Room´s password keeps changing?

Hello! I have Zoom integrated in my YCBM account. Since then, my Personal Room´s password in Zoom keeps randomly changing. I have contacted the Zoom support and they said the YCBM integration may be the cause. Please, is there a way how to prevent that? Thank you very much.

@madlacevelova welcome to the Forum! This is very strange. I will test out a few things. Our links should not be interacting with your PMI (personal meeting Id). If you require a password for regular Zoom links we do create you can include {ZOOM-PASSWORD} to let the booker’s know. Once I test things out I’ll let you know.

Thank you very much!

Hello Ben! I had a conversation with Zoom support. This is what they found out: Your personal meeting room has a static password that can be used at any time. When YBCM generates a meeting with the Personal Meeting Room and generates a new password, it’s updating the password for the room itself. Are they able to not use your PMR when generating the meeting? If so, that would prevent it from affecting the Personal Room." Is it possible? Please, what do you think about it? Thank you very much.

Just tested this out and I setup a booking through my booking page which has Zoom integrated. I started the Zoom meeting then checked in my Zoom settings and the PMI password did not update or change. When we create a meeting in Zoom we are not using your Personal Meeting Room, it is a separate meeting that will have it’s own password. I will send you an email so we can dig further into this.