Allow User to Logout and Login with two different emails

Currently I have an account with my work email, and I wanted to logout and create another account- I could not logout and was automatically re-logged in once I clicked ‘logout.’ I was able to use Chrome Incognito to logout, and then after creating an account, logged in and was redirected to my dashboard with my other email. I don’t know if this is a feature request so much as a bug.

Thank you for letting us know. Were you signing in with the Google or Microsoft login option, or with an email and password? The issue could be that your browsing session was logged into a different account and this may have prevented the newer account from signing in. Any additional information will be helpful.

Thanks. I have two accounts, both using email and password, not Google login. I am unable to logout from one to login with another email. This was mitigated by using incognito mode on chrome, but that should not be the route to take in order to use two accounts.

I haven’t been able to reproduce this. Using Chrome I am able to login and out of multiple accounts without issues. Could the issue be a password keeper that is adding the wrong password for the account? This could be an extension you use.

Hi Ben, ok that must be it. I use Dashlane. Usually there’s some sort of visual feedback that this is happening but with your app it logs me in faster that I can see. SORRY!

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No apology needed. I am working through some examples for your other thread on building accounts via the API. So I am sorry!

Ok looking forward to seeing those examples!