Appointments made with same name, but two different people

Recently, one of my team members reported that two appointments were made by two different clients, but the appointments were under the same name. Client #1 and #2 both claim that they made an appointment for the same day and time. The name for both appointments are under Client #1. The person whose name the appointment was under, Client #1, was not able to join the meeting and the team member had to rebook with that client. The team member somehow ended up with meeting Client #2 at the original appointment. The odd thing is that I have no booking information for Client #2. All the booking information that I have is for Client #1. All the appointment information (time, date, zoom link) were sent to Client #1’s contact, but somehow my team member reports meeting with Client #2. Would could have happened that led to this situation?

Hi, I’m not the tech support but I had this issue too. The problem was they clicked the booking at the same exact time, or your team member sent a wrong link. after the ycbm confirmation thingy, there’s the end page that shows client 1’s details, like [thanks for booking, client 1 … meeting at …] etc.
I sent the end page link, and accidentally my second client got infos on client 1, and joined the meeting.

sorry english isnt my first language, but wanted to share experience maybe it helps.

@Sher this is very odd. I am going to reach out to you via a direct message to get more information. This is something I haven’t seen before.

@mnatasya, yes you are right that if you share a booking link with an intentId attached someone will see the thank you page of the previous person, something like this: