Asking the booker for more attendees

Have you ever wanted to ask the booker who else should attend and then invite those folks and send a notification automatically?

That is totally possible using the power of Shorthand codes.

Step 1:

Add a form field to your booking form (Long Answer). Use the Shorthand code something like OTHER-EMAIL. Be sure to add an after message explanation:

Step 2:

Add {OTHER-EMAIL} to the calendar event with participants turned on:

Step 3:

Add a notification to {OTHER-EMAIL}:

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This is useful for a great many number of scenarios. I can see in business that this would be useful, of course.

In education, especially higher education, students often work as partners or groups, and so this is something that will definitely be useful to educational customers. (As opposed to dentists, doctors, etc., who are probably only seeing individuals typically.)

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@Ben I actually have a follow-up question based on what @keith mentioned in another post, that you can directly edit the calendar event, for instance for duration and timing, and YCBM will detect the change.

If I add a person directly to the calendar event, will YCMB correctly know that this person should be sent, for instance, the reminder email with Zoom link?

Hi Jeremie,

I can answer this one for Ben. Unfortunately, no, the participants information on the event does not get read back to the booking so would not change anything about the emails that we send.

I think that the full list of things that we listen for on the underlying event are:

  • start and end times
  • the title of the event/booking
  • the number of ‘units’ booked (which uses a code in the event description)
  • whether the event exists at all (which we equate to a ‘cancellation’ of the booking)
  • which calendar the event is on (which can change the team member allocated to it)



Fantastic, thank you so much for letting me know all the events you listen for changes on!

I don’t have an urgent need to allow participants to be added this way, but it could be a possible future feature. It seems to be inline with your apparent goal to make everything seem magical to the user :slight_smile: