Booking calendar not adding correct notification

I have used YCBM for years, all of the sudden the last two months when a client books through the booking form the system is adding a 30 minute reminded notification but I have it set as always to remind me not via notification but instead via email and 1 day in advance, I have to keep manually changing this in my calendar!

@sunfruitdan welcome to the Forum! On the booking page I see you have two reminders set up to go to you 4 hours and 1 hour before the start of the booking. You may have a notification from Google coming 30 minutes before. If that is the case you can edit that here:

I have them now set to 4 hours and 1 day and I dont get the email notifcation for either of them, I only get the automated 30 mintue notification from my google calendar not from You can book me.

Hi @sunfruitdan Kelly here, jumping in with Ben.
I’m sorry to hear that you are not receiving your email reminders. Can you please confirm that you are receiving the confirmation email when a new booking has been made?
In order for us to investigate why your email reminders are not being sent, can you please DM me a booking reference ID (it has this format XXXX-XXXX-XXXX) so we can have a look?

Thanks in advance!

Hello, I am receiving the confirmation email when a booking is made.

Where do I find the booking reference ID?

You can find this on your bookings dashboard: