Booking weeks at a time

I have a business repairing instruments. The free version of is doing a wonderful job setting up appointments for drop offs and pick ups. Can the paid version do the following more complicated scheduling?
I have a second level of booking that I would love to have working. Some kinds of repairs take a week, others take 3 weeks. I have various independent contractors doing different kinds of work. Is it possible to set up a second calendar or sub calendar that has appointments for different jobs, each job lasting 1 week or up to 3 weeks? for example: a flutist with an intermediate level flute goes to an intermediate level flute calendar and can book a pre-defined 1 week opening for a Clean, Oil, and Adjust. A flute player with a professional level flute goes to a professional level calendar where they can book either a 1 week COA or they go to another calendar where they can book a 3 week Overhaul. These services are all different sub-contractors (or myself) so having the calendars separate would actually make reading them much easier. They could first pick their instrument working time of 1-3 weeks depending on the work needing to be done, and then go to the current calendar to book dropoff-pickup times.
Thanks for any help!

Right now we cannot support bookings that extend past 24 hours. One option would be to setup a Zap with Zapier (more info)to have the calendar event extended out automatically depending on the booking link someone booked through. This would block of availability for others trying to book which may be what you are looking for to allocate your resources. I setup a free 14 day trial on your account to allow you to test things out.

Hmm, seems a little complicated. I need to book 3 handmade COAs and 2-3 Intermediate COAs, each appointment lasting a week, every week, and a Handmade Overhaul every week lasting 3 weeks. It sounds like this is too much even for Zapier to handle, right? so much overlapping schedueling.

Yes, it may be very difficult to get this setup. One option would be to use Tentative bookings to add a manual step in the booking process to find the whole week availability. But what you could do then is manually adjust the booking to take up a whole week, by adjusting the end time. Another idea.