Bug Event-Location Shortcode

In the notification the shortcode für event location ist {ZOOM} and in the calender Events the shortcode für event location ist {ZOOM-LINK}. The Bot seams to believe the right shortcode ist {ZOOM}.

When this is true, than the shortcode in the Calender Event is wrong. Typical User would use the shortcode provided in the overview and not question it. When they use the wrong one, the link won’t work. Can you please fix it?

(I would have added Pictures, but i’m not allowed, because I’m new)

@kundenkarma sorry for any confusion. {ZOOM} and {ZOOM-LINK} will have two different outputs.

{ZOOM} will create a hyperlink with formatting:


{ZOOM-LINK} will just be the link:


For calendar events you will add {ZOOM-LINK} to the location field and also to the description as calendar providers won’t serve up the formatting link. You also can use this for translations:

[Zoom-Link hier]({ZOOM-LINK}

Which will then create a clickable link.