Zoom Link Included on a Booking Where A Phone Call is Chosen

My YCBM account is also connected to my Zoom & Gmail Calendar. Does anyone know why a Zoom link is created in every Gmail calendar entry (that also goes to my client) even when a phone call is indicated? It causes client confusion!
Many thanks!

@TX-Falcon for this you will need to setup a Conditional Statement in your location field and on your calendar event to only show {ZOOM-LINK} if Zoom is selected.

More information here:

For your page specifically it will be:
{IF}{Q1}{EQUALS}Zoom{THEN}{ZOOM-LINK}{ENDIF} <----Location field

{IF}{Q1}{EQUALS}Zoom{THEN}Meeting on Zoom: {ZOOM-LINK}{ELSE}I will call you at {Q3}{ENDIF} ^^^ Calendar event

Thanks Ben - unfortunately I am not very techie. I cannot find the location field you speak of.
I guess I need step by step instructions.
How best can I get on-line or phone help?
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I’ve got the same challenge and when I have the Zoom integration enabled, it’s always showing up in the location for the invites and I can’t find an option to add conditional formatting. So for the location field you mentioned, are you referring to the Integration field under “What Event details & Location” or another spot? If it’s the "What Event details… how do you modify it to have conditional formatting since it appears to be a drop down selection. Or are you recommending that we add a “location” to the notification and include the formatting there to select zoom or a phone call?


@scaldwell yes, under the What section you will find the location field. With the drop down you will select Set place and add your conditional statement there:

We are working on a new feature that will allow you to ask the booker where they want to meet and the location is sorted automatically without the need for a conditional statement. This hopefully will be available in the next few months.

Ben this is perfect! Thank you for the clarification.

Do you have an update on when this new feature will be available?

@TX-Falcon we are hopeful that this will be a next quarter feature release.