Cannot find this option

In one of my older booking pages (upgraded recently), I have this option:

But I duplicated this booking page, and I no longer see this option.

I don’t understand what’s different.

And a related question – I have a booking page that looks at two different calendars.

But when choosing who to send the announcements to (bookings, cancellations, reminders), there’s no Send-To option for “the guys whose calendars you connected.”

I’m kind of at a loss why this isn’t an option. Instead I need to make sure I always put in their addresses manually as a comma-separated list. Why? Isn’t it 99% of the time that the folks who need to know, are the folks who bound their calendars to the booking page?

@TomK Your second question, if you use the Team Member feature to connect to the other calendars then you can make the sender or recipient of the email {TEAM-EMAIL}. This may not be possible if you are linking to multiple calendars to show mutual availability. We are working on a way to make this smoother in the future.

To your first question, that is very odd. I see the option to use {EMAIL} for any of the recipients when making or editing a notification. You can also use the custom option and add {EMAIL} in the field provided. Can you try making a new page to see if things are working? It could be something with copying the page. I haven’t been able to recreate this.

Thank you, I will give that a try.

Also thank you for blurring those email addresses. Yikes! Not getting enough sleep.

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